Saturday, January 9, 2010

California Sunbounce- The Gage video, Greg Gorman, and the latest Canon - Inside, The Story Behind The Photograph Ad - Part 1

I am always going out on the internet and looking for interesting photography videos. As I wrote in a posting a couple of weeks ago, California Sunbounce has a great selection on videos on their website that shows you how  famous photographers use their products.

I was in my local Borders Bookstore over the weekend and notice the latest  Canon, Inside: The Story Behind The Shot ad, featuring model Dominique Sharp, in the back of the January 2010 Issue of Photo District News. The ad was shot by Greg Gorman and the shooting of the photograph used in the ad, was featured in the video for the California Sunbounce-The Gage. It is always interesting, to me, to see how other photographers work and the equipment they use.

Below is the 1st of the 2 videos showing how to setup the California Sunbounce-The Gage and how Greg Gorman used it to create the photograph in the latest Canon Inside:The Story Behind The Shot, ad. The 2nd part of the video will be in the next post.

Link to the video:

The finished shot of Dominique Sharp that appears in the latest Canon, Inside: The Story Behind The Shot ad and shot by Greg Gorman.

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